Host of the Ida workshop: Bayramiç Yeniköy

On the beautiful Ida Mountain, where the ancient Troy was settled there is the ecological farm Bayramiç Yeniköy. Well known for peace, hospitality and slow food, Yeniköy often hosts yoga, personal development and permaculture events . Since 2014 Earth Colours gives retreats on this beautiful location. How to get to Bayramiç Yeniköy: Our host is found in the village … Read more

Intuitive painting is not about technique or perfection

Make contact with your creative inner self, let go, play!   Colours, lines, images will appear, disappear and mix from inside out, through your hands on the paper. It is all about letting go of your inhibitions and expressing yourself. Whatever your level of talent or experience, with the intuitive painting approach and exercises you … Read more