Host of the Ida workshop: Bayramiç Yeniköy

On the beautiful Ida Mountain, where the ancient Troy was settled there is the ecological farm Bayramiç Yeniköy. Well known for peace, hospitality and slow food, Yeniköy often hosts yoga, personal development and permaculture events .

Landscape-Yeniköy bright-Mine-Yapar-1200x800
Landscape Yeniköy by Mine Yapar, 2013

Since 2014 Earth Colours gives retreats on this beautiful location.

How to get to Bayramiç Yeniköy:

Our host is found in the village of Muratlar, halfway between the towns Bayramiç and Çan.

By car: follow the road signs Bayramiç or Çan (depending on from which direction you come) and then take the road to Muratlar. Our eco farm is at 2 km distance to the village centre.

By bus: There are busses to the region from major cities. Try to travel with the bus company Truva as their busses drop you off at the village Muratlar. Ask for a bus that is going to Çan (from İzmir) or to Bayramiç (from İstanbul or Ankara).

In case you can’t take a Truva bus, other busses will not stop at the village but drop you off either at Bayramiç or at Çan. From there you can take a dolmuş (minibus) or a taxi.


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