Host of the Ida workshop: Bayramiç Yeniköy

On the beautiful Ida Mountain, where the ancient Troy was settled there is the ecological farm Bayramiç Yeniköy. Well known for peace, hospitality and slow food, Yeniköy often hosts yoga, personal development and permaculture events . Since 2014 Earth Colours gives retreats on this beautiful location. How to get to Bayramiç Yeniköy: Our host is found in the village … Read more

Sharon Stewart about Intuitive painting workshop

Sharon Stewart  (music teacher) was at our March workshop. She said: With her Intuitive painting workshop, Mine Yapar lead us on a journey of exploration, free and in the moment. Her passion and knowledge brought the group into a playful, tactile interaction with the eggs, mixing them with natural earth pigments to make vibrant, toxin-free … Read more

Suzanne Schillings about Intuitive Painting Workshop

Suzanne Schillings (web editor) attended our Amsterdam workshop in January 2015 and blogged about it. ”Some weeks ago I did a workshop Intuitive Painting, given by Mine Yapar from Earth Colours. As paint we used natural pigments (powder) mixed with egg yokes.  I can’t remember whether I used a brush,  what I do remember is … Read more

Sevilay Akarçay about Earth Colours intuitive painting workshop

Sevilay Akarçay (English language Instructor) was at Earth Colours Istanbul workshop August 2014. Sevilay said ” I would like to mention that I enjoyed your workshop intuitive painting last Saturday intensely. For me it was almost like a therapy. I left the workshop with open channels of intuition. This holistic approach to painting (with body, earth, intuition, feelings, … Read more

Egg tempera paint

Egg tempera paint We use (and learn how to make) egg tempera paint in most of our workshops. This is an earth friendly paint, easy to make and suitable for spontaneous artistic expression. Egg tempera is discovered in Egypte during the Roman era. It is a very long lasting paint. There are still examples from the 1st … Read more

All about Mine Yapar

Born in London and brought up in Ankara, Mine Yapar moved to the Netherlands after having completed a degree in economics. In the beginning she had policy & research jobs based on analytical thinking. With time she evolved herself to integrate spiritual connection with rationality. This gave her carriere as Learning & Development advisor an extra dimension. … Read more