Intuitive painting is not about technique or perfection

Make contact with your creative inner self, let go, play!   Colours, lines, images will appear, disappear and mix from inside out, through your hands on the paper. It is all about letting go of your inhibitions and expressing yourself. Whatever your level of talent or experience, with the intuitive painting approach and exercises you … Read more

Letting go of the mind, 29 March 2015, Amsterdam

6 creative people formed the group of March workshop and made it an inspiring and moving afternoon!                          We started with all natural paint making.                     Process of everybody was different as well as everyone’s former … Read more

Making contact with your inner being

These paintings have been created during an intuitive process without thinking or planning.   In intuitive painting we make contact with our inner being, our subconscious and let the colours and images come up from inside out. We can process feelings and trauma’s this way. We can meet our suppressed feelings and ignored desires on … Read more