Art Retreat Ida Mountains

Autumn Workshop, October 2015
Autumn Workshop, October 2015

Tutor: Mine Yapar

13-15 May 2016


20-22 May 2016

Join this creative adventure! Explore your colourful inner landscape and express with natural colours!

Magic of the Ida mountain and the munay-ki healing rites will contribute to this very enriching experience.

Intuitive painting is not about the painting you are going to produce but about the process you will experience. The process of letting go of thoughts, relaxing and connecting with your inner self. Everybody can paint with the intuitive techniques we use. No experience or “talent” is required. In fact, academy trained artists work side by side with absolute beginners in Earth Colours workshops.

The beautiful painting that emerges during the workshop, comes directly from your subconcious and may have a message for you. Many of my students experienced a reunion with their soul during my workshops.

Still, there will be more than painting during this weekend!

On the Ida Mountains, the air is so pure, food is so delicious here that you won’t need much to be happy. Let’s not forget the stillness. The only noise you hear will probably coming from the sheep bells.

Art Retreat starts at 18:00 on Friday & ends at 16:00 on Sunday.



Relaxing and grounding exercises in the clearing of the forest!

rich breakfast with delicious local organic food

making all natural paint from farm products

warming up with earth and charcoal

painting from your intuition with various intuitive painting exercises

sharing the experience and reflecting on the paintings

Lunch: famous slow food of Bayramiç Yeniköy!

Yummy pizza baked in stone oven
Yummy pizza baked in stone oven


We can choose between activities like hiking in the forest, collecting coloured earth in the nature, picking vegetables and herbs for dinner, baking sourdough bread and pizza or just chilling under the pergola!

Dinner: enjoy the famous pizza or vegetable dishes of Yeniköy and abundant salads made with herbs you just collected in the fields.


We can choose between:

healing Munay-ki rites from Peru,

socialising around a campfire

painting in the darkness (special experience!)

Costs: €200 for tuition, materials, food and accommodation in shared rooms.

Travel expenses are for your own account.

How to get to Bayramiç Yeniköy

Staying longer:

If you wish to prolong your stay in the region with a tour of the mountain and a stay on the beach, contact us. We can inform you about the possibilities and organise a tour without commission. Costs involving the mountain tour and the beach holiday are of course on your own account.

It is also possible to stay on the farm Bayramiç Yeniköy after the two-day retreat. Please ask for the prices of accommodation.


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