Making contact with your inner being

These paintings have been created during an intuitive process without thinking or planning.


Yellow  Whale, Mine Yapar

In intuitive painting we make contact with our inner being, our subconscious and let the colours and images come up from inside out.

  • We can process feelings and trauma’s this way.
  • We can meet our suppressed feelings and ignored desires on the canvas.

The Kiss, Mine Yapar
















When I paint, what the painting is about becomes clear after we are done, in fact sometimes I don’t see any value in a painting and put it away. After a few months I look at it as never before and voila: I see beauty and meaning!

Colours I use in my workshops are earth pigments, binders are all natural too like tempera and casein.












During intuitive painting I often use my hands. Not only my dominant hand (for me that is left) but also the other hand. Even my feet participate sometimes in painting! I assure you that is an unusual feeling 🙂

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