Munay-ki Healing Rites from Peru

munay-ki altar on the Ida Mountain
Our munay-ki altar on the Ida Mountains

Since I received the Munay-ki rites from my dear friend Anjo, who worked with shamans in Peru, my life has changed a great deal. I have been able to set the necessary steps to transform my life and create a work that resonates strongly with me. Right now I am transferring the Munay-ki rites to whoever needs them on their path. Munay-ki are initiation rites of indigenous people of the Andes mountains and the Amazon forest.  They are energetic transmissions that heal the wounds of the past, empower the people who receive them enabling them to transform their lives for the better.

Munay means “compassion” or “the will to love” in the languages spoken in the Andes. Ki means energy. So Munay-ki is the energie of love! This is an accurate name. I feel now much more love than before I was initiated. Not only for the people that are close to me but also for people whom I don’t know well.

In Munay-ki there are 9 rites. The first 7 rites exist already for thousands of years. The indigenous people of Peru have been transferring them from generation to generation to initiate tribe members to ancient wisdom and power.  The last two initiations are created only decennia ago to prepare the humanity for the time of transition. As you might have heard, ancient native Americans foresaw that  a new era in human history will start after the year 2012. Ancient scriptures convey the message that this transition will be accompanied with chaos in the world. To elevate the pain of transition, Native American elders made their tribal rites accessible to the rest of the world.

Everybody who has received all the 9 rites can transfer them on in their turn.

You can also choose to receive only the second rite without the whole series. Second rite is the bands of power. Five energy belts will be woven into your luminous energy field (LEF) for protection. They act as filters, breaking down any negative energy that comes toward you and feeding and aiding you, instead of making you sick!

For further information go to the website of Alberto Villoldo, who introduced Munay-ki to the Western World.

Practical matters:

Munay-ki rites are part of the Ida Mountain retreat. If you can’t join the retreat you can contact me for an individual session of munay-ki. Contact me about the date and the price.

Once you made an appointment for munay-ki, note your dreams. There might be a welcome message in them for you from the Munay-ki lineage.

Take time to process the new information. Keep your agenda free in the hours after the initiation. It is like upgrading the software of your computer. It is too much pressure for the system to update the software and to get involved in demanding activities at the same time.

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