Sezgisel Resim Atölyesi hakkında Suzanne Schillings

Suzanne Schillings (web editor) attended our Amsterdam workshop in January 2015 and blogged about it.

Blue eggyoke by Suzanne Schillings
Blue eggyoke by Suzanne Schillings

”Some weeks ago I did a workshop Intuitive Painting, given by Mine Yapar from Earth Colours.

As paint we used natural pigments (powder) mixed with egg yokes
I can’t remember whether I used a brush, 
what I do remember is I was painting with my hands. 
It was great fun. 
Swinging music, painting without ‘paying attention’, using different layers of paper. Really good. 
In a museum I prefer looking at abstract art rather than observing the grumpy grey faces of ‘important’ persons.
And I always wonder how does the artist know the painting is finished?
Well, when I was producing my blue painting, I just did!”

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