Sezgisel resim atölyesi hakkında Sharon Stewart

Sharon Stewart  (music teacher) was at our March workshop. She said: With her Intuitive painting workshop, Mine Yapar lead us on a journey of exploration, free and in the moment. Her passion and knowledge brought the group into a playful, tactile interaction with the eggs, mixing them with natural earth pigments to make vibrant, toxin-free egg tempera. Afterwards, I could center on myself with a series of movement/drawing exercises that led me into a calm, focused state of intense interaction with the materials.

“The workshop brought me into contact with my fiery core, transforming my eruptive internal energy into a dynamic abstract work on paper”

Another special aspect for me was how she welcomed my 9 year old son, putting him at ease and completely including him in the activities. It was so pleasurable to work beside him and, through a tip by Mine, actually put the finishing touches on each other’s work. I felt very connected to him while working on his painting, feeling the trust he had in me and seeing how he transfigured my work. Mine has an instinct for holding the group in a safe environment while at the same time encouraging each of us to take risks, let go of pre-conceived ideas, and have fun following our intuition. Her intuitive painting workshop brought me into a rich, multi-faceted engagement with myself, the materials, and the others in the group.

by Sharon Renée Stewart
“Inner Eruption” by Sharon Stewart, Amsterdam March 2015

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