Intuitive Drawing in Old Graveyard Amsterdam

24 June 2022 @ 14:00 – 16:00
Huis te Vraag
Rijnsburgstraat 51
Mine Yapar

This time the venue of our intuitive drawing workshop is an old graveyard with a mysterious name in Amsterdam: Huis te Vraag. Which means house to ask questions. At the end of the Middle Ages, there has been a eucharistic miracle in Amsterdam which led to a rush of pilgrims to the city centre. The pilgrimage route run along the river Schinkel. Right at that spot an inn was built where travellers were welcome to ask the way and to stay. That was the beginning of the name “Huis te Vraag”. The site changed hands many times and served different functions. But the name remained. From 1891 to 1962 the place was a functioning graveyard. Now it is being looked after by a foundation, supported by many people who want to preserve this cultural heritage.
As you enter the gates you already feel the magic of the place. Some of the old graves are almost lost in the lustrous green nature around them. Inevitabel death and eternal life hand in hand. The feel of peace which reigns over the graveyard invites visitors to become peaceful and go deep in themselves. The ideal place for an intuitive drawing workshop!
We are going to walk quitely on the paths, admire the nature and the gravestones, then settle on a nice spot and dive into ourselves to express whatever comes up as an intuitive drawing.
No prior art experience required!
Please bring with you at least a drawing pad and a pencil.
More drawing utensils and watercolours are welcome!
Bring something simple to sit on & cash for the fee (minimum €9 for minimum incomes)
Please reserve a spot by email as the number of attendants will be limited.
More information on the location:

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