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Born in London and brought up in Ankara, Mine Yapar moved to the Netherlands after having completed a degree in economics. In the beginning she had policy & research jobs based on analytical thinking. With time she evolved herself to integrate spiritual connection with rationality. This gave her carriere as Learning & Development advisor an extra dimension.

On the other hand, Mine gave many workshops on sustainability of consumer products and followed courses on emotional bodywork. After having reclaimed her passion for art, now she integrates sustainability and emotional exercises in her intuitive painting classes.

Mine’s overarching mission is to facilitate learning and development through all aspects of life; personal and working life.
In her art classes she uses environmentally friendly materials.


”Failure is in a sense, the highway to success.”  John Keats

4 thoughts on “All about Mine Yapar”

    • Dag Riet,

      Dank voor je interesse! Nu ben ik Turkije en geef hier een workshop a.s. weekend in de Ida bergen.
      25 Oktober geef ik een workshop in Amsterdam.
      15:00-18:30 uur
      HTIB, 1e Weteringplantsoen 2B
      28 euro

      Als je interesse hebt laat me weten.

      Hartelijke groet,

      Mine Yapar

  1. Dag Mine, de workshop van aankonende 8 september, die gaat door?
    Wij, Mieke en ik, zouden heel graag willen meedoen!
    Kunnen wij ons hier opgeven of komt er tzt nog meer info?
    We horen het graag!
    Groeten, Mieke en Babs


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