Togetherness through Painting

This workshop was an unusual one for me. I did not know who was going to come from the refugee centre. I expected Syrian refugees, Eritrean guys turned up. At the beginning it was hard to communicate and get the workshop going. But once I had given them some paint the atmosphere changed. Everybody was … Read more

Summer workshop Istanbul

Have an impression of the last Istanbul workshop! Rowena Girneet Baweja (artist, Mumbai) says “This work was tremendously powerful and led to a great moment of clarity. Mine leads with utmost clarity sincerity and power, there is so much to learn from her. Must do workshop for anyone who likes working with ‘no-mind’ Absolutely recommended!” … Read more


Ineke: ‘’I already paint very often. This workshop was a great way to paint while not thinking about it that much. Without a picture in mind, I worked intuitively and used my feelings only. I enjoyed painting with my bare hands and feeling the materials.’’   When Ineke started painting, forms were sharp and edgy like rocks. During the process her painting became more soft, … Read more

The Less you think, the better you make art!

Earth Colours workshops, quotes from participants: Emma (april workshop) “This was my first painting experience. Amazing, the less I thought the better I could paint! I see in my painting the crossroads where I am standing at this moment in my life. I just resigned from my job. As my painting is full of power I know … Read more

If you let go what you have, you get something new!

Intuitive painting workshop 26 April by Mine Yapar, in Amsterdam. Wonderful quotes from the participants reveal what intuitive painting is about. Patricia: “The workshop was heart moving. As an artist, for the first time in a long time I really enjoyed making art today! This is making art as self expression, not for the result.” “It was wonderful … Read more

Sharon Stewart about Intuitive painting workshop

Sharon Stewart  (music teacher) was at our March workshop. She said: With her Intuitive painting workshop, Mine Yapar lead us on a journey of exploration, free and in the moment. Her passion and knowledge brought the group into a playful, tactile interaction with the eggs, mixing them with natural earth pigments to make vibrant, toxin-free … Read more

Suzanne Schillings about Intuitive Painting Workshop

Suzanne Schillings (web editor) attended our Amsterdam workshop in January 2015 and blogged about it. ”Some weeks ago I did a workshop Intuitive Painting, given by Mine Yapar from Earth Colours. As paint we used natural pigments (powder) mixed with egg yokes.  I can’t remember whether I used a brush,  what I do remember is … Read more

Sevilay Akarçay about Earth Colours intuitive painting workshop

Sevilay Akarçay (English language Instructor) was at Earth Colours Istanbul workshop August 2014. Sevilay said ” I would like to mention that I enjoyed your workshop intuitive painting last Saturday intensely. For me it was almost like a therapy. I left the workshop with open channels of intuition. This holistic approach to painting (with body, earth, intuition, feelings, … Read more